Back to School 2018

How did parents in the Netherlands and Belgium prepare for September 1?

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Are you ready for September 1st?

The start of a new school year leaves parents and children facing a great dilemma: where to buy the most beautiful notebooks and the school diary that makes classmates gaze in awe?  Ingenico, global leader in payment, asked parents in the Netherlands and Belgium all about how they purchase school supplies.

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Online vs Offline

So why does online shopping stay behind when it comes to school supplies? The most important reason for this is the product itself: 44.2% of the parents prefer to see and touch the items before they make a purchase. Moreover, buying school supplies is not only a necessity, it is the kick-off for a new school year.

For 23% of the parents, buying school stuff is part of a family fun day with the kids - an experience that no web shop can compete with. Moreover, according to many parents, in store shopping is faster (21.4%) and cheaper (18%) than online shopping.

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Plenty of opportunities for retailers online

How can online retailers attract the 'offline' parent to their webshop? Of the parents who did make online purchases, 71.3% did this out of convenience: 41.8% think it's nice that online stores are in business 24/7 and 29.5% think it's a great not to have to leave the house. Parents also look to web shops for a more diverse product offering (35.4%).

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