Your complete guide to selling cross-border in Europe

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44 countries, 000's of traditions

Europe is an amazing place, rich in culture and tradition. And with a population of 743 million people and 23 million businesses, selling into neighbouring countries or beyond presents a great opportunity to grow your business. 

Selling cross-border has never been easier, thanks to the proliferation of online shopping, trade agreements and delivery networks. However, with such a diverse mix of countries, languages and traditions there are still differences in the way people like to buy goods and services. The way they pay for those goods and services online varies too. 

And it matters. 

“Up to 42% of consumers are likely to drop off and search for alternative websites if their preferred payment method(s) are not offered at checkout.“ 


Whether you are planning to sell into one or two neighbouring countries or expand across a region, it is important to understand the unique payments landscape of each country. 

In our new eGuide, we have profiled seven key European markets, highlighting payment habits and trends for each, to help you optimise your cross-border sales. 

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Selecting a payment partner

Traditionally, to offer flexible international e-commerce you would have multiple gateway processors and acquiring banks. 

This would mean signing a contract with each party, integrating multiple payment methods, having multiple reporting formats, multiple payment terms to manage and multiple contacts to reach out to when you have a problem. 

Ingenico Full Service

With our Full Service offer, we simplify your life by offering one single solution to accommodate all your needs. 

  • One contract to reduce your admin
  • Single and quick settlement to optimise your cashflow
  • One reporting file to easily reconcile with your accounts
  • 360° fraud algorithm
  • One contact person to help you grow your business

Ingenico Full Service gives you access to 14 essential European payment methods so you can offer your shoppers their preferred local payment method. 

You can also kick-start your online sales with our plug & play certified shopping cart integration options including, but not limited to:


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In our new eGuide, We highlight payment habits and trends for each of the seven key European markets we profiled. This way, we can help you optimise your cross-border sales. If you would like to receive your FREE copy of the eGuide, just fill in the form and you will receive an email with your eGuide included immediately.