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How to request iDEAL for online payments

When you do business online, you deal with online payments. Most Dutch people use iDeal. It is well-known, reliable and compatible with all of the large Dutch banks.

Most banks will offer the option to pay using iDeal. Many consumers consider it an accessible payment method, meaning it is not just a practical method, but it also results in more sales. To allow your customers to pay using iDeal, you need to apply for it first.

Applying for iDEAL: How does it work

There are two ways you can apply for iDeal. You can go to your bank, or you can turn to Ingenico ePayments, your Payment Service Provider. We will explain the differences below.

Applying for iDeal with your bank

Applying for iDeal with your bank sounds logical, because your payments come in through your bank account. After you have applied, your bank will make sure you can offer your customers payment via iDeal. Usually, however, your bank does not have the technical knowledge or skills to help you implement iDeal on your website. This means you will have to contact another party, such as your web builder.

Applying for iDeal with a Payment Provider

Another option is to apply for iDeal with Ingenico ePayments, your Payment Service Provider. With us, you can settle the contracts for iDeal and every other payment solution. Naturally, we will always make sure every payment is rerouted to your bank account as soon as possible.

As your Payment Service Provider we will support you in the implementation of iDeal on your website. We offer various e-commerce plug-ins that are easy to install on your web shop. In addition, we can support the company that builds and manages your website.


Many benefits for you and your customer

When you apply for iDeal, you improve your customers’ payment experience. But that is not all. You can benefit from iDeal as well. To customers, a payment method should be reliable. Your customer personally wires the money via his or her own bank account. And it does not cost them any extra money.

Transactions are immediately processed by Ingenico ePayments, meaning the money will be on your bank account as soon as possible. iDeal is a guaranteed payment: these payments cannot be cancelled due to insufficient funds or a credit card that has been maxed out.

Would you like to apply for iDeal with Ingenico ePayments?

Are you convinced, and would you like to offer your customers iDeal? We will help you lower the threshold and increase your online sales.

Applying for iDeal is simple: sign up for a free trial account, or fill out your details, so we can get in touch with you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.