Ingenico One

Ingenico One combines the best of in-store and online worlds
into a single payment solution for merchants and is designed to help them grow their business across all channels.

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Reduce Complexity

Our consolidated reports organize and present key data about your business more efficiently than individual reports from many different sources.

Increase Insight

The financial and transactional reports are produced daily, to maintain a constant and up-to-date overview of your performance, including total collections, costs and remittance.

Save time and effort

The reports are available in multiple file formats, making integration into your systems fast and easy.

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 One Financial Flow

One company manages flow for both channels. You receive payments in a single funds transfer and with a single report.

 One Report

We combine in-store and online transactions in one consolidated report.

 One Contract

For processing online and instore payments, instead of a contract for every channel acquirer.

 One Collector

One company collects the funds for both channels on your behalf.

 One point of contact

For all your payment related questions and requests.



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✓  Detailed list of costs in one offer

✓  Best payment mix for any merchant

✓  No need to create local legal entities and/or bank accounts for bank transfers

✓  Possibility to refund an item directly on the terminal or in the back office

✓  Detailed advice concerning payment methods included

✓  Works with the latest and best-in-class Ingenico terminals (EMV, NFC and Touchscreen)

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