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The starting point for so many big ideas and great businesses.If you are looking to open your business to new customers in-store and online, Ingenico One can help  make "One day..", today.

One consolidated payment solution

As you expand, different customer journeys and additional payment methods add complexity in reconciling multiple channels and reporting streams. Time that could be spent fulfilling your “One day..” Ingenico One combines the best of in-store and online worlds into a single, simple payment solution.

How it works

The Ingenico Advantage

Transparent cost structure detailed in one contract 

Best payment mix for any merchant 

No need to create local legal entities and/or bank accounts for bank transfers 

The ability to refund items directly from the terminal or the back office 

Detailed advice on payment methods included

Works with best-in-class Ingenico terminals (EMV, NFC and Touchscreen) 


Make your ONE DAY, today

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