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Most commonly used online payment method in Belgium

Bancontact is the most popular means of payment in Belgium: 7 out of 10 Belgians pay with it regularly. It is a trusted name among Belgian consumers. More than half of all payments are made via Bancontact or Payconiq.

Payments via Bancontact are guaranteed

Ingenico will link your online store to Bancontact so that you can use this to receive payments. Bancontact payments are quick and guaranteed. In addition, payments via Bancontact are always secured with 3D Secure. This makes the payment method particularly suitable for online stores.

One-click refunds! Automated reconciliation with Ingenico

If a slight error does happen to creep into the payment, or in case of a return delivery, with Ingenico you can refund your customer via our back-office system with just one click.


As a partner of Bancontact, we will be happy to help you integrate Bancontact into your online store. As a payment service provider, Ingenico can also support your company in working with other payment methods. At Ingenico we will arrange all your contracts with various payment methods centrally via a single contract so that you can focus entirely on your core business.


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Boost your sales

If you want to boost your turnover in Belgium, you really must have Bancontact. By offering Bancontact online, you are providing the most popular payment method and opting for secure, quick and easy payments. If you place a Bancontact payment button on your website, your customers will know that they can buy from you by using their trusted means of payment. All the benefits of Bancontact, but online!

Integrate into website and apps

Bancontact can be used in various places along the customer journey and not just as the final step once the shopping basket is full. Did you know that you can also send payments by email or enter payments in a customer service chat box for example?

Mobile payments

With the Bancontact app, paying online has become even easier for Belgian consumers. The QR code simplifies online payment for the consumer.

If the customer chooses to pay with Bancontact Mobile, then you will instantly receive the payment confirmation and the customer will return to the seller’s website. A URL-intent (to go from the payment page to the Bancontact app) is used to complete the payment. All transaction data will be stored in your financial history.

Quick integration into your online store

If your online payments go through Ingenico, integrating Bancontact into your online store will be a piece of cake. Ingenico has developed a free plugin that will allow you to link this payment method to your online store quickly.

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