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Essential payment method in France

Cartes Bancaires (CB) is France’s local card scheme. To best serve French consumers, accept CB payments on your webshop.

Over 60% of current consumption in France is paid for with a CB card

More than 72 million CB cards issued and almost 13 billion transactions by CB cards in 2020

Confidence and security

Cartes Bancaires is one of the most reliable and secure online payment methods for consumers.

The Cartes Bancaires network:

 offers great operational capabilities thanks to a robust system with more than 99% availability, 7 days a week

 is highly secured and has a very low fraud rate

Lower costs and a high acceptance rate

Thanks to its strong knowledge of the French market, the Cartes Bancaires network has a very high acceptance rate.

 Choose to boost conversion on your webshop thanks to the high acceptance rate of Cartes Bancaires.

 With Cartes Bancaires you also benefit from lower acquiring costs.


We’ll gladly help you integrate this payment method on your ecommerce site. CB cards are always co-badged with an international brand: Visa, MasterCard or Maestro.

At Ingenico, we combine all your different payment methods into a single contract, so that you can concentrate on developing your business.


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Increased revenue

Thanks to the many advantages of Cartes Bancaires, offering this payment method on your webshop ensures maximum conversion and therefore higher revenue.

Very low fraud rate

Do you want to ensure the security of online payments on your e-shop? Cartes Bancaires uses strong authentication (3DS V2) and powerful risk analysis tools to protect you against fraudulent transactions.

Simple checkout process

Opt for quick and easy payments by accepting the payment method Cartes Bancaires: nothing could be simpler for your customers than paying online by card.  

Using their CB card, your customer enters their card number, expiry date and card security code on your secure online payment page. With Ingenico's online payment platform, the user experience is fluid.

Preferred payment method for remote purchases

Year after year the French favour the payment method Cartes Bancaires. In 2020, 1.8 billion remote purchases were paid for by a CB card, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year!

So it’s essential to offer payment by Cartes Bancaires on your online shop if you’re looking to expand to France.

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