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Most used online payment method in the Netherlands

iDeal is the most used payment method in e-commerce for Dutch consumers (B2C) and companies (B2B). 60 percent of them shop online with iDeal and the service supports hundreds of millions of transactions every year.

Works with all Dutch banks

Ingenico connects your webshop with iDeal in order to receive payments through the customer's own Dutch bank.


100 percent safe

iDeal payments are fast and guaranteed. Dutch banks guarantee payments via iDeal so you are always assured of your payment for each transaction.



As a payment service provider, Ingenico offers support to your company in working with iDeal and other payment methods. We help you integrate iDeal on the website and if necessary we support you in contact with the maker and provider of the website. At Ingenico we arrange all your contracts centrally with different payment methods, so that you can fully focus on the company and the webshop.

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Higher Revenue

Over ten million Dutch consumers already pay with iDeal and are familiar with the advantages of this payment method. iDeal ensures maximum conversion and therefore higher revenue.

Faster Payment

Research says that online payments with iDeal are paid three times faster than other methods. Digital links allow users to pay immediately, 40 percent of customers pay via these links within one day.


Integrate into your site and apps

iDeal can be used in various places in the customer journey and not only as a last step after filling the shopping basket. Did you know that you can also send payments by e-mail or, for example, record them in a chat box of your customer service?

No registration required

Customers do not need an extra account or service with their bank to pay with iDeal. Registration is not necessary for iDeal, they do not need to download an extra app. Ease of use is paramount.

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