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Payment gateway, collection service and acquiring capabilities
Can be offered as a combined package or proposed individually.

Expand internationally
With over 150 customers preferred payment methods

Fast, Flexible & Secure integration methods
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Ultimate stability
99.999% uptime and billions worth of transactions processed every year

Payment expert & support
To help with configuration, payment flow optimization and daily questions.

Intuitive user interface
Payment pages are built with end-users to optimize their experience and the conversion rate.
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Who partners with Ingenico?


We have a strong expertise working with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) from different industries and countries.
Offers have been developed tailored to your industry needs.
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Digital agencies & System integrators

Our integrations and payment solutions can serve different clients’ needs.

Try-out our plugins to make your life easier and focus on your business!

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Our Ingenico Partner Program

A partner program to support and help you to grow.

Exclusive training opportunity - Video, webinar, white paper
Dedicated support team - In local language: technical, fraud and support expert
Partner portal - Lead tracking, support, documentation

Let’s partner to grow your business.

Platforms (ISV), digital agencies, system integrators, sales organization (ISO) are working with us to build and improve their payment flow.


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