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Easy and quick set-up

No additional hardware or software required. And does not require a webshop.

Increased operational efficiency

Monitor, manage and reconcile payments quickly and easily with real-time transaction data and a comprehensive reporting suite.

Use any channel

Whether email, social media or messenger, just use your usual communications channel to send the link. 

Online payments made easy accessible

If you request payments from customers or invoice your suppliers via email, Payment Link is a great way to stabilize or increase your cash flow. Simply add a button link to your emails, to make it easy for your customers and suppliers to make instant payments.

Our solutions provide ultimate flexibility and performance for your business by adapting to your customer's needs. Whether you are delivering food to your customer or they are coming to pick up goods at one of your stores, you can quickly send them a secure payment link on your preferred sales channel (SMS, email, instant messaging or social media).

All payments are processed in real time so you can be sure of secure and immediate authorisation.

Need help? Our payment specialists are always available to answer your questions and give advice.

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Stabilize your revenue

Payment links can help in-store merchants when the shop is closed. Transactions can continue without a card terminal and e-commerce can continue without the burden of setting up a web shop.

Accept online payments, without hassle.

Expert support team

Our payment gurus will advise you on the ideal payment set-up, helping you build the best experience for your customers.

Safe & secure

Because we collect payments on your behalf, your trust and the protection of your customers’ personal data is essential to us. We keep your customer payment data safe on our secure, level 1 PCI-compliant platform.

Quick pay-outs

With fast and transparent settlements, you won’t be kept waiting.


PSD 2 compliant

We navigate PSD 2 compliance for you, so you can focus on building your business.

Access to payment experts

Reap the benefit of specialist guidance from payment experts.

Local support

Our experts are based around the world, ready to help you wherever you need it.

Unrivalled fraud protection

With insights into real merchant and fraud data, our algorithms make better, smarter decisions and reduce fraudulent activity.

Ultimate stability

Unmatched uptime and billions of transactions processed every year.

Other options for integration

Secured plug-ins, in-app payment modules and API-based, Ingenico provides plenty of opportunities for integrations, if needed.

Need to take payments over phone instead of a link?

Ingenico even provides solutions for Mail order or telephone order (MoTo) transaction. It is another easy way to accept orders where customers not being physically present in front of you. It is easy to use and does not require any specific infrastructure such as a web shop setup. Accept payments anytime and from anywhere.

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