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What happens when someone clicks the pay button?

Payments are part of our everyday lives, whether you’re a merchant or a customer. But how much do you really know about payments? And do you know what goes into creating a frictionless payment experience?

Every online transaction involves lots of parties to get funds from the shopper to your merchant bank account while keeping the whole process quick and secure. Having a deeper understanding of these processes helps merchants refine their operations for a better customer experience, and allows them to step in at the right part of the process if there’s an issue, reducing disruption and costs.

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In simple terms, the payment process handles the transactions between a merchant and a customer. It executes the payment by forwarding payment information, such as credit card details, from the customer to the merchant's preferred bank account.

To understand how the payment process works, let's look at the players and their roles.

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Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Wallets and many more - when setting up an online store, it is essential for your company to find out what types of payment you want to offer. Not only because there are different types to choose from, but certain types are optimized to maximize revenue opportunities.

Learn more about the differences and which types of payment methods are best suited for your e-commerce business.

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If you use one of the popular shopping platforms like Magento, Shopify or Presta Shop, we offer plug and plan extensions to enable the acceptance of payments. All of our plugins are PSD2 compliant to ensure a secure payment experience.

Try-out our plugins to make your life easier and focus on your business!

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Performance in payment is key: small details can have a big impact on your conversion & revenue. As all businesses are different, looking at your own data will be crucial to identify these opportunities.

To go further and start optimizing your payment setup, get to know our business intelligence tool & tips to optimize your payment setup.

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PSD2 - Increase security and payment performance

EU’s Second Payment Services Directive entered into force in January 2018, aiming to ensure consumer protection across all payment types, promoting an even more open, competitive payments landscape. 

PSD2 and Strong customer authentification (SCA): Here's what you need to know

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PSD 2 compliant

We navigate PSD 2 compliance for you, so you can focus on building your business.

Access to payment experts

Reap the benefit of specialist guidance from payment experts.

Local support

Our experts are based around the world, ready to help you wherever you need it.

Unrivalled fraud protection

With insights into real merchant and fraud data, our algorithms make better, smarter decisions and reduce fraudulent activity.

Ultimate stability

Unmatched uptime and billions of transactions processed every year.

Flexible and secure integration

Secured plug-ins, in-app payment modules and API-based, bespoke solutions, meaning there are plenty of benefits for developers.

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